Hands at work, holding a tattoo machine

Tattoos from your mind to your skin

Unique tattoos designed by trained artists

Design style tattoo with elements highlighting the words "Discipline" and "Freedom"

We create custom tattoos that are as unique as you are.

Professional service, attention to detail, private setting.

Factor Studio Tattoo is home to two experienced artists that are dedicated to creating beautiful, personalized tattoos that you’ll love for a lifetime

Our private studio is designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you can feel at ease while getting your tattoo. We believe that getting a tattoo should be a personalized, enjoyable experience.

You won’t experience double-booked appointments, artists showing up hours late, and 45-minute smoke breaks. You will receive patient and considerate care, and have more options and transparency throughout the process if you choose us.

We want to be a factor in making your tattoo idea reality, by expressing what’s in your mind, on your skin. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or just a general concept, we can help bring your ideas to life with our design skills and expertise.

Give a picture, a sketch, or even a single word of what you want, we can create something for you. Contact us, we’ll be ready to help.


Phenomenal job, very friendly and easy to chat with. Great communication when setting up appointment. Great fine line work and heavy emphasis on detail. Highly recommend.


…Coritha provided multiple options and helped me find the perfect design and placement. She did an amazing job, with a gentle and steady hand, and I was extremely comfortable.…

Ready to find out what we can do for you? Send us a message.

Detailed Lead
  • Tattoo Information
  • Client Information

Provide as much information as you can about the tattoo and your availability. We’ll respond with times that fit your schedule.

Optional: Tell us what kind of appointment fits you.

  • Consultation

    • Ask any questions, get precise quotes, special requests (design review, arrange for a group, etc.)

  • Tattoo Session

    • Go directly to getting tattooed. ($50 deposit, prices are ranges)

Describe the tattoo design below, please include links to any additional images you’d like your artist to use as reference. Keep in mind that if you do not own the image, we will decline to copy it exactly as given. Expect some modification/artistic liberty. Thank you.

  • Modern & Professional
    • Send us design files if you’re creative
    • No double-booking or missed appointments
    • Multiple payment methods (touchless/chip, venmo/cashapp, cash, crypto)
    • Virginia licensed artists
  • Unique & Detailed
    • We draw, and create with vector and 3d applications
    • We can work from a photo, sketch, or handwriting
    • Precise measurements for a perfect fit

Where are you located?

10621 Braddock Road – University Mall

Inside Sola Salons – (Entrances near Sunoco and Food court upper level)

Room 10

How much will it hurt?

No one knows exactly but you. Everyone experiences pain differently, and pain sensitivity varies across the body. What’s more important is your personal tolerance for pain.
Most clients find tattoos less painful than they thought. Many liken the sensation to a cat scratch. Uncomfortable, but bearable. A few even like the sensation. Regardless, we will take our time to work within your threshold.

What is the process?

  1. Use the contact form to get our attention.
  2. We reach out to you confirming availability. You have two options:
    • Meet to discuss details, get pricing, and book.
    • Make an online deposit ($50) to lock in your appointment.
  3. Come get tattooed on the date.

Can I see the design to make sure I like it?

Yes! Please ask your artist to schedule a review before your appointment. (We don’t send sketches/stencils by text or email. Please come in person to preview, make edits/suggestions, etc.) Additionally, please keep in mind that your artist is also managing art for other clients and may need lead time appropriate for their schedule.

What are your hours?

Officially 12 – 8pm

The outside doors auto-lock at 7pm

How much is a tattoo?

The price varies from piece to piece. We keep it fair, but this is not a commodity – we focus on quality over quantity.
Everyone’s requests are different. But, here are some points that might help:

  • The average hourly cost is between $150-$175.
  • WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS (There’s no fee.)
  • Schedule a consultation to discuss prices. (It’s free.)
  • Large and detailed tattoos might take more than one visit.

Do you do walk-ins?

The truth is: It’s really random.

Mark is the most likely one to service walk-ins. If you try to message, Mark is probably tattooing, or preparing for scheduled clients – so it’ll take a long time to get back to you. (There’s no guarantee he’s looking at his phone.) The dude will randomly go home between scheduled clients because the shop is hard to find if you don’t know where to look. (And he works nearly every day.)

If you drop by the shop, and one of us is there, feel free to knock and ask. You never know.


There is typically a gap somewhere on the schedule this week. Use the contact form. If we have availability, we reach out. If we don’t, we let you know when we would have time. Sometimes the stars align and people get same-day service.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • Eat a meal and stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle and snacks if you’d like.
  • Bring valid photo identification
  • Bring headphones, a book, or a mental list of things you’d like to watch on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon, Disney, HBO, or Paramount, there’s a TV here for you.
  • Bring accessible clothes for the tattoo body location.
  • Being well-rested helps.

Can I bring my Friends?

Bring one friend, a good one that will take pictures for you, put on something for you to watch, or hold your hand. Additional friends may have to wait outside the tattoo area.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?

Yes, for 16 and older. Your parent/guardian must bring matching identification and be present for the tattoo session.