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Let us know what you’d like! Reach out directly to the artists with the forms below. We typically follow up between 11am-9pm. Please give us at least 72 hours during peak times (a.k.a. summer.) We respond in to requests in the order received. If you’re looking for same day service, please use the waitlist/walk-in option below.

Please Note:
We are not accepting bookings for the following dates: 10/13
Sorry for the inconvenience.
On Another Note:
Drop by 10/13 for Friday the 13th flash designs! (Pre-drawn, spooky, $39-$117, first-come first-served, 11am-7pm)
Sorry for the convenience.
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Provide as much information as you can about the tattoo and your availability. We’ll respond with times that fit your schedule.

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  • ┬áConsultation
    • Ask any questions, get precise quotes, special requests (design review, arrange for a group, etc.)
  • Tattoo Session
    • Go directly to getting tattooed. (You must make a $50 deposit, prices are ranges)
  • Waitlist/Walk-in
    • Receive a text when we have extra availability. (Set your budget. Designed/Drawn on the spot.)

Describe the tattoo design below, please include links to any images you’d like your artist to use as reference. Keep in mind that if you do not own the image, we will decline to copy it exactly as given. Expect some modification/artistic liberty. Thank you.