About Us

Established 2021, South of Fairfax City at Braddock & Ox, Factor Studio Tattoo is a small private studio hidden among hairdressers. You wouldn’t have seen any signs from the street, or grand opening balloons. We quietly moved in near you and went to work serving clients daily.

We’re a duo who went from art school to jobs in fund-raising, pharmaceuticals, design, programming, and teaching. Now we focus that experience into the love of tattooing.

Long-time clients find features keep improving across their visits, as we add new products and options to the process to make your tattoo experience as enjoyable as possible.

I’ve drawn since childhood. I drew in classes, after school, and when I should’ve been sleeping.

Then, one day I’m an adult drawing in meetings. And somedays, while drawing in meetings, I’d wonder if I was on the right career path. (I was not.)

Around a year before lockdown, and the great resignation, I was already fed up and decided to try another path.

Once I touched a tattoo machine I never looked back, working night shifts and gigs while apprenticing in Manassas and Falls Church.

I love researching my craft, and always taking baby steps toward something new.

Style Affinities:

  • Fine line, concept style, or geometric
  • Black & Grey
  • Anime / Manga
  • Japanese Traditional
  • Polynesian


  • Weeb shit (anime/manga)
  • Art Nouveau & Ukiyo-e
  • 3d Sculpture/Modeling
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming
  • Nocturnal
  • Green Thumb

Coritha is an Anderson, not nee, but as a wife.

At Art Institute of Washington, she met her match for life.

Twas long ago that happened. In Two Thousand and One

When all the American tragedies have suddenly begun.

From terrorists and snipers in the Nation’s Capital,

The Metro transit riders, they have endured it all

By forging their intentions in degrees of Arts so Fine.

Amidst anime conventions, graphic and web design.

It’s the ranks of higher learning that the heart is aptly schooled.

And it’s thanks to dire earning needs that art becomes the tool.

Whether it be on paper, or screen or even skin.

To leave a mark that’s greater is the industry they’re in.

The following accomplishments were tried and also true,

Some hallowing astonishments, and some were made to rue:

Previously obtained as temporary yields,

Not seriously constrained, but were arbitrary fields:

Demonstrating Agent, at a fabric-trim boutique.

Soliciting Vagrant, at an umbrella diabolique.

Previously employed with permanence a deal;

Autonomy devoid, however benefits appealed:

Apothecary Apprentice, at a corporate pharmacy.

Executive Assistance, at a market agency.

Literature Generator, at service bureau prints.

Call Center Operator, at specialty medicines.

Crafting web and print for brand, of holistic wellness deeds.

Designing Mobile App front-end, for kids with OT needs.

And these are current endeavors of elevated goals and ethics,

As “self-employed” and “partner” in finer art aesthetics:

Art Instructor for Adolescents, shy a decade in tenure.
Tattoo Artist for Adults, licensed for pain and pleasure.

Subject/Style Preferences:

  • Disney
  • Cartoon
  • Script / Lettering
  • Polynesian / Tribal
  • Illustrative
  • Whimsical


  • K-Dramas
  • Animated Films
  • Surrealism
  • Papercraft & Resin Art
  • Celebrities
  • Stringed-Instrument Player
  • Art Teacher